Marion County | Tourism

Believe it or not, Marion County ranks 42nd out of Tennessee’s 95 counties in tourism.  From outdoor activity enthusiasts to world-class festivals, Marion County has a lot to offer recreationally and educationally. (Photo courtesey of Access Fund.)
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History & Heritage

Whether you’re a native, a transplant or just passing through; it’s hard to miss the sense of community pride in Marion County, Tennessee. Our small towns each have unique, storied histories with rural roots that run deep. The preservation of these histories is vital to ensuring that our culture lives on in an increasingly global world. We invite you to enjoy the traditions and experiences that shaped our people and our region.

Local Attractions

South Pittsburg Heritage Museum
The South Pittsburg Heritage Museum is now open to the public at 316 S. Cedar Avenue in the downtown. The museum, operated by our Society, features many artifacts from our city’s historic past.  Visit Site
Jasper Regional History Museum
The Jasper Regional History Museum offers a glimpse into Jasper’s storied past with exceptional exhibits of regional artifacts and memorabilia including Native American objects, Civil War and military pieces, and a collection of early pioneer and homesteading items.
Coal Miners’ Museum

The Marion County Coal Miners Museum is a community project led and operated by 7 retired coal miners whose rich stories and history bring these artifacts to life. The museum’s collection is completely sponsored by the donations of miners and their families and has grown to over 500 pieces which are currently on display. Visit Site

Paper Clips Story

In 1998, something amazing happened in the town of Whitwell, a small rural community of fewer than 2,000 people nestled in the mountains of Tennessee.

Whitwell Middle School principal Linda Hooper asked language arts teacher Sandra Roberts and associate principal David Smith to begin a Holocaust education class that would be the basis for teaching tolerance and diversity in a voluntary after-school program. Visit Site


Princess Theater
The beautifully restored Princess Theatre (formerly known as The Imperial and The Palace) in downtown South Pittsburg, has been a landmark within this community since 1921. The theaters operated here over those years entertained the local population since the days of the silent movies. Visit Site

Outdoor Fun

Outdoor enthusiasts are invited to the many public parks, an 8,000 acre national forest, and abundant waterways. Canoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking and bird watching are just some of the activities that highlight our natural beauty. From the thrills of paddling the Sequatchie River to the world-class views of the Fiery Gizzard Trail, Marion County is overflowing with opportunities for nature lovers and thrill seekers.

The Trial(s) Training Center

If you like things that go vroom, we’ve got you covered with internationally renowned facilities for several motorsports, including year-round events for motorcycles and off-road trucks. The Trial(s) Training Center near Jasper is an all-inclusive motorcycle resort with everything you need for a great motorcycle vacation, including on-site camping, classes with rental bikes, riding gear, and experienced, expert, patient riding instructors and more. 

Foster Falls State Park

Marion County is home to multiple premier rock climbing destinations at beautiful Foster Falls State Park and the newly designed Denny Cove area.

Chattanooga Skydiving Company

If you want to experience the thrill of skydiving either through a tandem jump or as an experienced skydiver, check out Chattanooga Skydiving Company, located at Marion County Airport.

Marion County Park on Nickajack Lake

Marion County Park on Nickajack Lake hosts one of the largest annual speed boat races in the U.S. 

Shellmound Campground

Shellmound Campground offers overnight camping sites and day activities in a picturesque setting on the beautiful Tennessee River.

Sweetens Cove Golf Club

Sweetens Cove Golf Club is a hand-crafted masterpiece of King-Collins Golf Course Design and is considered by multiple architecture critics as being the best nine-hole golf course in the United States.

Flying Camp

Flying Camp is located in our beautiful Sequatchie Valley.


The National Cornbread Festival is a weekend-long celebration of cornbread and many cornbread related activities for adults and kids. At the end of every April, the quaint town of South Pittsburg explodes with family-friendly games, food, music and fun, including a 5k road race and free tours of the Lodge foundry. Visit Site
Ketner’s Mill is the premier Country Arts Fair in East Tennessee, and is home to some of the best in arts and crafts – ranging from sculpture and paintings, to pottery and hand-woven baskets to metal art and jewelry, plus woodworking, furniture, folk art, and more. Visit Site