What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is an organization that coordinates the talents and resources of businessmen and professionals who are trying to make their community a better place to live and earn a living.  Its entire function is the initiation and support of projects in the public interest.  In a real sense, the Chamber represents the free enterprise system and the American idea of progress and growth.  Its genius lies in organizing and directing the energies of people in every community who believe their city has a place in the sun and are determined to find that place.  The reason why every business and professional person should be a portion of these surroundings, and particularly this Chamber of Commerce, appears self-evident and yet, a great many of us are not.

Why Should I Pay My Good Money To Belong To The Marion County Chamber?

  1. Because I want to make more money.  By being a dues-paying member, I help the Chamber succeed in helping my market area grow.  I help my community become more prosperous, which means my customers have more money to spend with me, and more customers move into the Marion County area.
  2. Because I make money here.  Marion County has provided me a living.  No one is required to do business with me, they do it voluntarily.  I do not have to be a Chamber member either, I do it voluntarily to help the community that has provided my living.
  3. Because I make a difference.  My dues are important to the Chamber’s operation, whether or not I have time to work on a committee.
  4. Because Chamber membership offers opportunity.  I can attend events each year which gives me the opportunity to know and be known by Marion County business people-to remind them of myself and what my business has to offer.  A surprisingly large amount of business gets started when the Chamber members get together at Chamber events.

Dues Classifications


  1. INDUSTRY- Manufactures a product for distribution to wholesalers or retailers.
  2. BUSINESS- Deals in resale of a product rather than in manufacturing the product or may deal in a service primarily.
  3. PROFESSIONAL- Deals primarily in a service; engaged in a business occupation characterized or a profession in terms of training required, organizational characteristics, etc., i.e., doctor, dentist,  lawyer, accountant.
  4. NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES- Is that average annual number of full-time employees in the last fiscal year of the firm.
  5. ANNUAL DUES- Is that amount to be paid to the Chamber yearly in advance.
  6. PRODUCT- Is something tangible, an object which is made or grown and can be used or consumed.
  7. SERVICE- Is not a product, but may relate to upkeep of product or people.

Membership Invitation

302 Betsy Pack Drive
Jasper, TN  37347
(423) 942-5103   Fax: (423) 942-0098
Email:  info@marioncountychamber.com

Membership Types

*Representative members – You are allowed one additional voting member for each $30.00 invested above the initial dues for your classification up to a limit of 25.