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Marion County is located in southeast Tennessee approximately 25 miles west of Chattanooga, 133 miles southeast of Nashville and 120 miles north of Atlanta.  A transporter’s convenience, Marion County is bisected by Interstate 24 and has access to rail as well as river transportation on the majestic Tennessee River.


When it comes to a strategic location with a workforce that personifies a strong rural work ethic, Marion County is a logical choice for business opportunities and personal relocation.

A review of our Marion County Chamber of Commerce member listing shows that businesses and industry find Marion County a welcoming and prosperous environment. As of the 2022, Marion County had an estimated population of 29,0944, with a median income of $53,148(1).




Marion County enjoys rail, road and river transportation that can move business to and from just about anywhere in the nation.

Rail service in Marion County has access to over 21,000 miles of track and 70 ports nationwide(1).

The Nickajack Port is a public river port on the beautiful Tennessee River with approximately 92 additional acres available for develpment(2). Almost 54 million tons of good are transported on the Tennessee River each year(3).

Interstate 24 travels through Marion County directly connecting to vital commerce centers such as Nashville and Atlanta. Also easily accessed are U.S. highways 41,64 and 72; and state highways 28 and 150.

Commercial air service is available at nearby Chattanooga’s 7,400-ft. runway airport while general aviation service is available at the 3,500-ft. runway Marion County Airport(4).

Business Development


Marion County Partnership for Economic Development

The Marion County Partnership for Economic Development is an organization of local business leaders who work to provide stimulus and grow economic and employment opportunities in Marion County, including but not limited to manufacturing industries. To contact, call 423-942-2552. Visit Site

Southeast Tennessee Development District

Marion County is a member of The Southeast Tennessee Development District/Chattanooga Area Regional Council of Governments. This is a special purpose unit of government created by executive order and comprised of municipal and county governments within the Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia region. To contact, call 423-266-5781. Visit Site

Southeast Industrial Development Association

The Southeast Industrial Development Association is a regional economic development association facilitating the creation of jobs, capital investment and additional power load throughout the SEIDA service area. SEIDA provides a coordinated approach to the delivery of a range of services to assist businesses with locations, expansions, and help with the identification of financing opportunities, infrastructure development, and marketing and demographic research. More information from SEIDA regarding Marion County may be found here. To contact, call 423-424-4243.