Who are you and what is your business? “I am Patty Henry, and I’m the Owner/Operator of SueBob’s Diner in Powells Crossroads. The address is  2573 Hwy           283, and the website address is www.suebobs.com . The phone number is 423-658-8575. 

What is your service or product? My husband, Mike, and I own a Mom and Pop Diner. 

How did you get started? I learned how to cook at an early age so that my brother, Mike Renninger, and I could eat at home. Betty Crocker cookbooks and I became best friends, and as we often say, the rest is history.

During those early years, opening a restaurant was always an end game goal for me.

 Beginning in 2013, I noticed an empty building in Powells Crossroads. In early 2014, I made an offer to buy the building. Mike and worked the remainder of 2014 and the first nine months of 2015 to refurbish the building. We opened SueBob’s Diner in October of that year.

Today,  I spend my free time reading cookbooks and developing new recipe items for the diner’s diner menu.

How has the Chamber helped you? I enjoy being a part of a team of people who connect businesses in the community through special projects and representation of business owners within the board. Everyone works for the greater good of the community, and I enjoy being a part of that effort.

Any interesting facts about you or your business? “I am a former United States Marine, and I am also a chicken farmer.”

Why Marion County? “We ended up here by chance. We were looking for a poultry operation to buy as a “semi-retirement plan,” and we found the perfect opportunity in Marion County.”

Is there something more the Chamber could do for you? That’s a question I keep asking myself: How else can I help? What does the community and Chamber of Commerce need from me?