Who are you, and what is your business?

Tabb and Sarah McNabb, and our business is Raulston Woods & Gardens. 

Sarah has lived in Marion County for over fifteen years. She brings to our community and commerce a lifetime of dedication to civic activism, years of corporate management experience, and a deep understanding of the complexities of the tour industry acquired  through her many years experience in the field . . . from driving a tour bus; to pioneering the development and becoming the CEO of the second largest tourist attraction in Alaska   . . . The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show; to starting Ketchikan Outdoors from scratch and growing it from just 30 customers its first year to over 10,000 within a few summer seasons of operation.

Tab has lived in Marion County most of his life.  He is a former English teacher and basketball coach at S.P.H.S. His family owned and operated a travel agency in South Pittsburg called All Ways Travel with Linda which opened its doors in the late 70’s and was the McNabb’s family business until they sold the agency in 1996.  Tab spent much of his childhood learning the travel business while helping his mom at the office.  He caught the “travel bug” and it took him on many adventures and afforded him an enormous background in the profession.  He worked on Grand Cayman Island for the TV personality Chef

Tell, and was an environmental educator on Catalina Island for the world-renowned film maker Jean-Michel Cousteau, and he later became a fishing guide in Alaska where he met Sarah.

What is your product or service?

Raulston Woods and Gardens is a 136-acre playground of trails, ponds, creeks, mountain meadows, cabins, a mountain amphitheater, covered stage, three thousand square foot reception hall, and historic house built in the 1800’s with ties to Colonel James Raulston, Andrew Jackson, and Hugh Raulston to name a few.  The property is being preserved and made suitable for weddings, concerts, corporate meetings, team building, parties, camping, hiking, relaxing, and quiet meditation.

How did you get started?

Though Raulston Woods and Gardens is a new endeavor for the McNabb’s, they have over 60 years combined experience in the hospitality and tourism industry.  They currently also own and operate Ketchikan Outdoors, one of the world’s most acclaimed excursion companies. It is located in Ketchikan, Alaska.  They have recently launched an off-shoot of KO called “Chattanooga Riverbenders” which is located at Ross’s Landing and offers a variety of unique boat tours.

Why Marion County?

We are very excited to be sharing our love of tourism, service and hospitality where we call home. We look forward to providing people from all over the world memorable experiences here in our own Marion County, Tennessee. 

Is there anything fun you can share about who your target market is?

Our target market is really everyone – anyone in the market for a venue for weddings, concerts, corporate meetings, team building, parties, camping, hiking, relaxing, and quiet meditation.