Who are you, and what is your business?

I’m Lissa Goeltz, a South Pittsburg native, now serving the women and families in Marion County through the services of our local nonprofit, A Step Ahead Chattanooga.  My role serves a 10-county area surrounding Hamilton County.

What is your product or service? 

ASAC is a preventative women’s health organization offering education and access to free birth control to anyone living in Marion County. 

How did you get started? 

I was volunteering on the appointment line during the Pandemic and decided to go to work for ASAC full time, especially in this new position as the liason to my own hometown, which I love. In answering the calls, you hear how critical the need is in every county in SE TN, and what good work is being done for these communities and so I wanted to help.

How has the Chamber helped you? 

Starting these types of conversations is difficult! And the Chamber has made the transition back into Marion so easy. Everyone has been welcoming and open to talk about any ideas that can further strengthen the community and the families here. 

Any interesting facts about you or your business? 

My Dad helped start the Chamber, I believe! I came from a line of strong men and women. John Hewgley is my Dad and is a big reason so many businesses were successful in Marion County, which I’m very proud of.  And my grandfather was the town Doctor and probably delivered many of the Chamber members. He was a huge supporter of women’s preventative health and felt strongly that everyone should get accurate information to make good decisions about their own health. And my mom was the child psychologist, so I saw first-hand the need for family resources growing up.

Why Marion County?

I’m the liaison for A Step Ahead specifically in Marion and the other nine rural counties that surround Hamilton. I believe that every woman in every zip code deserves to have accurate health information and access to what she needs.

Is there anything fun you can share about who your target market is? 

This is a tough one! We have classes for pre-teens all the way through grandparents and how to have “Tough Talks” with grandkids.  I’m mostly needing Ambassadors who can help share what we do and build support with the right people in Marion County.

Are there local community groups you are affiliated with? If you are, how so?

We partner with other Marion charities and civic groups, having them refer their clients to our call line. We attend local health council meetings, Interagency meetings, etc., and work together to meet the needs of the clients.

If you had a super-power, what would it be? 

Hands down, to FLY! I was a rock climber and will hang off high bluffs whenever I get the opportunity! With a rope, of course. Gotta stay safe.